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The 7-day weight loss fitness plan

Trying (and failing) to lose weight? Setting a specific goal can breathe life into your fitness regime. Personal Trainer Laura Williams has devised the following 7-day fitness plan, so stick with it and expect to see results in as little as a fortnight.

✔️ Regularity and consistency: These are your best friends when it comes to seeing results. The cumulative effect of exercise cannot be underestimated. Schedule exercise sessions in your diary and stick to them no matter what.

✔️ Keep an eye on your diet: If weight loss is your goal, try not to ‘eat your workout’. Never go hungry but avoid high-calorie food rewards (we’re talking post-workout pastries and muffins) and oversized meals. Good post-workout snacks include pitta and humus, a protein smoothie shake or yoghurt and fresh fruit.

✔️ Consistency is key: You can witch sessions around, but try and stick to following a higher intensity day with a lower intensity workout the next day.

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It’s Monday which means a full-on (but easy-to-follow) workout after the weekend. Start with a 4-minute warm up consisting of:

  • Easy jogging-on-the-spot
  • Shadow boxing
  • Star-climbing
  • Shuttle runs

Next, try the following with 30 second intervals for each move:

  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. 30 seconds rest
  4. High knee jogging-on-the-spot
  5. Squats-with-a-jump (at the top)
  6. 30 seconds rest
  7. Fast alternating lunges
  8. Lateral jumps
  9. 30 seconds rest
  10. Fast step-ups left leg
  11. Fast step-ups right leg
  12. 30 seconds rest
  13. Reverse lunge with knee drive left leg
  14. Reverse lunge with knee drive right leg
  15. Rest and…repeat!
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➡️ Interval walking

This is your active recovery day – the perfect excuse to try this calorie busting walk:

🔹 Start by walking at a moderate pace for five minutes to warm up.

🔹 Then speed up so that you can still hold a conversation, but so that your heart rate is raised and you start to break a sweat.

🔹 Hold this pace for three minutes.

🔹 Slow down to a stroll for one minute and repeat.

🔹 Repeat this four minute cycle a total of five times.

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Source: Netdoctor